Mexican Consumers Seek More Payments Choice and Product Details

Consumers around the world want to access specific digital features when shopping, whether they are perusing aisle 3 or clicking from their couch at home. PYMNTS Intelligence recently investigated this topic in our “2024 Global Digital Shopping Index,” a series of reports commissioned by Visa Acceptance Solutions that identify which features resonate in various corners of the globe.     

In the Mexico Edition of the index, we found that nearly half of consumers shop in-store without using any digital shopping features. But it’s not because they prefer it that way; it’s because merchants in Mexico aren’t providing the features shoppers want. Sixty-two percent of local consumers are looking for digital features that are not yet available there.

But as PYMNTS Intelligence found, merchants there recognize this and are now hard at work trying to address this digital deficit.  

The reason shoppers in Mexico want digital shopping features is because often they enable consumers to save money and improve their overall in-store experience. In other words — just like we found when studying consumer behavior in Brazil, the U.K., the U.S.  and elsewhere — these local shoppers also enjoy enhancing their brick-and-mortar shopping adventures with digital features: an approach to buying our research calls Click-and-Mortar™ shopping.

Across our series of reports, we found that when merchants facilitate Click-and-Mortar™ behavior, customers report higher levels of shopping satisfaction. And in practice, this means merchants in Mexico have dual opportunity to step up their game by both adding new digital features and making sure the existing ones they offer can be more easily found.

Several demographic groups are driving the demand for digital features in Mexico’s retail landscape. Forty-two percent of parents say they would appreciate the savings and convenience digital features can offer. Millennials and Generation Z shoppers in Mexico also show a propensity towards integrating technology into their shopping experiences.

So, which digital features are consumers in Mexico most excited about? As the figure illustrates, approximately three-fourths of Mexican consumers appreciate flexible payment options first and foremost, but nearly as many value information. Seventy-two percent of retail shoppers and 74% of grocery buyers want product details. Product reviews are nearly as important: 70% of retail shoppers and 67% of grocery shoppers want access to product reviews.

While Mexican merchants should focus on delivering a variety of flexible payment options to their customers, they shouldn’t overlook the importance of providing them with authentic product details and other information. Doing so will drive the Click-and-Mortar™ experiences that consumers are looking for, which in turn can help enhance customer satisfaction. 

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