The CE100 Index

is a new equity Index of 100 publicly traded companies for tracking the digital transformation and growth of the connected economy. It is a framework for examining the impact of this connected economy throughout time by tracking the performance of 100 publicly listed stocks that our research found to represent those at the tip of the spear for driving the digital transformation of the global economy.

These 100 companies are distributed across the 11 categories that PYMNTS has identified as pillars of the connected economy — the ten daily activities in which people and businesses engage and the enablers that provide the software and infrastructure that power this digital transformation.

CE100 Pilars


The CE100 Index is an unweighted index based on the average percent change in equity prices throughout time (adjusted for splits and dividends). The index at time t is equal to the index at time t-1 plus the average percent changes between time t and t-1 where t is any chosen unit of time.


  • Tesla

    Tesla is the largest of the top performers by market capitalization, $936.7 billion as of Jan. 31, 2022. It was the pioneer in connected cars which, in addition to leading the move to electric, is revolutionizing transportation. It is one of the leading players in the move pillar of the connected economy.
  • Nvidia

    Nvidia, the oldest of the top performers, launched in 1993 and went public in 1999. A leading
    chip designer, it specializes in graphics processing units (GPUs) for personal computers. GPUs are used heavily in gaming and increasingly are used in artificial intelligence (AI) applications and data centers. Nvidia has become an important enabler for the digital economy.
  • CrowdStrike

    CrowdStrike provides cloud-based cybersecurity technology. According to The Wall Street Journal, it aims “to do for security what other companies have done for human resources, customer-relationship management and other sectors” by shifting cybersecurity from on-premise to the cloud. Its platform solution is designed to stop breaches, ransomware and cyberattacks. It launched its IPO in June 2019. It is an enabler for the connected economy.
  • fiverr

    Fiverr operates a large global gig platform for buyers and sellers of freelance services such as logo design or voiceovers. It serves all businesses, but four of the five buyers it highlights on its website are large digital-first companies (Facebook,Google, Netflix and PayPal). Fiverr launched its IPO in June 2019, on the NYSE. It is in the work pillar for the connected economy.
  • MongoDB

    MongoDB provides an application platform for developers that helps them manage and analyze data and build applications more quickly. Many of its customers are digital-first companies, ranging from giants such as Google to startups such as Nanopore. MongoDB went public in October 2017. It is one of enablers for the connected economy.